Amex Platinum Card Member Agreement

In an episode of the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men, internet billionaire Walden Schmidt uses the card to buy food. Doug Smith, the director of American Express europe, told the website that there had been “rumors that we have this ultra-exclusive black card for elite customers. That was not true, but we decided to use the idea anyway. Until now we had a customer who bought a Bentley and another jet charter. The site lists unverified descriptions of cardholder requests, such as. B sending a biker to the shores of the Dead Sea and returning to London for a children`s school project. [5] In Robert Crais`s novel The Watchman, the daughter of a wealthy businessman is described as a Centurion card. [18] Ask for a copy of your credit card contract in four simple steps: Centurion card members, such as Platinum Card members, will have free access to American Express Centurion lounges at several U.S. airports. You`ll also have unlimited access to Priority Pass lounges around the world[27] as well as additional lounge privileges based on the country where their card is registered. For example, Centurion cardholders in Canada also have access to Maple Leaf lounges, an Air Canada lounge network. [28] During rush hour, centurion members have access to the areas reserved for them.

The bar offers exclusive drinks for centurion members. From 2015, they will have a champagne option from Veuve Clicquot and a Single Malt Scotch from Balvenie. [29] In 1988, a Wall Street Journal article reported that a membership card of the exclusive black American Express, which had never been advertised, had been dropped a year earlier. The article stated that during a trial that lasted nearly four years, the card was held by an ultra-select group of consumers with fewer than 1,000 people worldwide. [3] Lee Middleton, a spokesman for American Express, confirmed to the Journal the existence of the card and stated that it had been given to customers with a “substantial banking relationship” with American Express Bank Ltd, the New York parent company of American Express`s banking subsidiaries in Switzerland. Services included “sending limousines or helicopters to customers, booking their holidays and seeking medical care in exotic locations.” Middleton said American Express abandoned the black card in 1987 because the newly introduced Platinum card offered “95% of Black Card services.” Since the introduction of the card, members have received a copy of the departures, which will also be sent to all Platinum Card cardholders. In 2004, members of American Express Centurion received an exclusive “No Name” magazine in the United States, which was not available by special means. From the spring 2007 edition, this magazine had the official title of Black Ink. The magazine is only available to Centurion cardholders, not Business Edition customers. Click here to log into your account to get a PDF copy of your specific account member contract (agreement). You can also request a copy by calling the number on the back of your card.

The Centurion card has become a status symbol in the music industry, especially in hip-hop culture. [13] In 2002, Bloomberg News reported that rapper Sean “P. Diddy” Combs was using the card to buy 400 cocktails at a Los Angeles bar. [14] In the song “Doing It Way Big” (2003), Lil`Kim sings: I smack niggas`cross the face with a Centurion card / Who don`t believe I`m (doing it way big).