Additional Agreement To The Employment Contract

The worker is registered under a fixed-term contract for temporary work. It was expected to end within two months, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the time was delayed. Can I extend a fixed-term contract for another two months? An employment contract is a document defining the working conditions of an employee. At the end of time, there are situations that require adaptations of the contract. Confidentiality clauses can either last indefinitely (until a third party makes the information publicly available) or have an expiration date (for example. B 2 years after the end of the contract). Some workers mistakenly believe that it is necessary to conclude another employment contract to change the working conditions of the current employer. It`s not true. The fact is that in order to establish a new employment contract with an employee already enrolled in the staff, it is necessary to break the old one. And this is inappropriate, because, in addition to the actual termination of the contract, it poses additional difficulties: the seniority of the worker is interrupted, in fact, there is a dismissal, which, in turn, requires corresponding entries in his personal file, personal documents, a work book. It`s important! The agreement shall be drawn up in at least two copies for each party.

In this case, the document must contain a receipt from the employee regarding receipt of his copy. On this basis, it is unacceptable to unilaterally conclude an agreement – it is simply not considered legal. The opinion shall be drawn up in all its forms. It must indicate the name of the employer, the name of the worker, the date and the number (if any) of the employment contract. It is also necessary to make it clear that this document is a termination of an employment contract due to the expiry of its validity and that it is drawn up in accordance with the article of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. In addition, the dismissal indicates the date of termination of the employment contract (it must correspond to the date set in the contract itself) and the current date is indicated. On the employer`s side, the dismissal is signed by the manager or any other authorized person. It is advisable to make two copies of the notification, one of which is given to the employee and the second, with the employee`s signature at the reception, remains in the organization.

This will help resolve disputes over whether the communication has been properly established. Labour law, in the provisions governing the implementation of amendments, does not indicate that this document should be approved or adopted in any particular way. Answer: If the employer has not requested termination at the end of the fixed-term contract, this contract is deemed to have been concluded for an indefinite period. You have every right to continue your activity, but already under an employment contract of indefinite duration. The duration of the employment contract can be changed both downwards and upwards. However, this is only possible in cases provided for by law. How to change the duration of an employment contract? Can a contract of indefinite duration be converted into a fixed-term contract? When will a fixed-term contract be of indefinite duration? You will find answers to these and other questions in the article. Read the articles above if you need to make an additional agreement in the cases mentioned….