How To Say We Are In Agreement

Although “estoy de acuerdo” literally means “I agree”, the latter is not used in English. Some learners try to improve “I agree” by saying “I agree”, which makes grammatical sense, but unfortunately is not used either. The good news is that we all agree that Mr Ross should resign. The Council agrees with government policy. Partial expression: z.B. on the one hand.. On the other hand, you are right in a way, but. You may have a point there, but. It is possible to say “agree with someone”, but this is more formal and much rarer than “agree”: mainly spoken to express joy or agreement These results correspond to our previous conclusions. Used to tell someone that you agree with what they are saying. Don`t you make me laugh or joke?/You have to make jokes…: informal ways of telling someone you don`t agree with them, and you think what they said is crazy: “I really think the Beatles are overvalued.” “Are you kidding?/Don`t make me laugh! They are better than any modern band.”