School Franchise Agreement Format

For example, the definition of tuition fees and drop-in sales. Tuition and drop-in sales, as used in the franchise agreement, are not limited to the total revenue generated by the franchisee for the care of children enrolled at the centre on a full-time or part-time basis, or for the care of children who may travel regularly or drop-in. These tuition fees and drop-in sales also include all cash, cheque or other sales, including all sales or services made in connection with exchanges or counter-exchanges, if any, without reservation, compensation or deduction for incapacity or not. Manual. In order to maintain uniform operating standards for a Kids `R` Kids Center and to protect the goodwill of FRANCHISOR, the Kids `R`Kids system and the brands, the franchisee undertakes to comply with the operating methods and standards defined by FRANCHISOR, defined in the manual in the version amended from time to time. The franchisor lends the franchisee a copy of the manual before the centre`s site opens. The franchisee treats the manual confidentially and is responsible for any disclosure not authorized by the franchisee or by any of the associated companies, shareholders, contracting entities, directors, senior officers, employees, representatives or other persons or organizations that access it through the franchisee. FRANCHISOR undertakes, at its discretion, the franchisee, its contracting entities, shareholders, directors, senior officers, employees, representatives or any other person or entity that has access to confidential information, knowledge or know-how, including, but not limited to information contained in the FRANCHISOR MANUAL, a competition and confidentiality agreement in a form satisfactory to franchisor: to carry out its own discretion. C. Products.

Accessories and materials. After the conclusion of this franchise agreement, FRANCHISOR will endeavor to make available to the manufacturers or suppliers designated by FRANCHISOR the approved equipment and all other products necessary or approved by FRANCHISOR to be used in connection with the site center, insofar as franchisor`s suppliers are able to deliver them. The franchisee purchases the authorized device and all other necessary products from a supplier who respects the franchisor supplier`s acceptance. Guidelines as described in Section 5,”J. of this Franchise Agreement. (1) Implementation of the franchise agreement. At the same time as the execution and delivery of this franchise agreement, the franchisee pays the franchisor the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars (25,000 USD) or twelve thousand five hundred dollars (12,500 USD) in the event of additional franchises. After such payment is made by the franchisee, this portion of the original deductible is not refunded. If you`re creating a franchise agreement, it`s also important to include a statement or termination clause.