What Is Service Level Agreement In Cloud Computing

Service level agreements are based on the usage model. Cloud providers often charge a high price for their usage resources and use standard service level agreements only for this purpose. Customers can also subscribe at different levels, which ensures access to a number of purchased resources. Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which are often attached to a subscription, offer a variety of terms. If the customer needs access to a specific resource level, they must subscribe to a service. A usage model may not provide this level of access under peak load conditions. Most service providers have standard SLAs – sometimes several that reflect different levels of service at different prices – which can be a good starting point for negotiations. However, these need to be reviewed and modified by the client and legal counsel, as they are usually inclined to favour the provider. The SLA should include components in two areas: services and management. Make sure the measurements reflect the factors that are under the control of the service provider. To motivate good behavior, SLA metrics must reflect the factors that are under the control of the externalizer.

A typical mistake is to punish the service provider for delays caused by the customer`s lack of performance. For example, if the customer provides application code change specifications several weeks late, it is unfair and demotivating to keep the service provider on a predetermined delivery date. Making the SLA two-way by measuring the client`s performance in interdependent actions is a great way to focus on the expected results. Depending on the service, the types of metrics to monitor may include: Choose metrics that motivate the right behavior. The first objective of each metric is to motivate the appropriate behavior on behalf of the customer and the service provider. Each side of the relationship will try to optimize its actions to achieve the performance objectives defined by the metrics. First, focus on the behavior you want to motivate. .